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To All Licensed Surveyors and Loss Assessors
Ref:IRDA/SUR/AREG/CIR/087/10/13 Date:17-10-2013
This is further to the Circular Ref IRDA/SUR/AREG/CIR/086/05/13 dated 6th May 2013 on the above subject.
The extant Insurance Surveyors and Loss Assessors (Licensing Professional Requirements and Code of Conduct Regulations, 2000, including Amendments 2013), (hereinafter referred as the Regulations) specifies under the heading ‘Categorisation of Surveyors’ under Reg. 14 A (1) ii) c. the following:
‘Provided further that all existing licensed Surveyors and Loss Assessors shall become members of the Institute within Six Months from the date of these regulations, and apply to IRDA for grant of modified license indicating the level of Membership to be allotted by the Institute’.
In terms of the powers vested under Regulation 14 A(2) of the Regulations,  for the efficient conduct of the affairs of the Institute, the Authority hereby outlines the procedure to be followed for submission of Applications by Surveyors and Loss Assessors for Categorisation of Surveyors under the new Regulations.
1.    All licensed ‘Surveyors and Loss Assessors” as defined under Reg. 2 (i) (fc) of the Regulations, shall apply to IRDA for grant of modified license indicating their level of membership allotted by the Institute in the prescribed format attached herewith.
2.    The application to IRDA for grant of modified license shall include all the documents mentioned in the application Form, including,
a.    Application form prescribed by IRDA (attached as Annexure)
b.    Categorisation letter issued by Authority as per the previous regulations (Category A/B/C)
c.    Surveyors and Loss Assessors Licence issued by the Authority in original
d.    IIISLA Membership Certificate issued to Surveyors and Loss assessors as per provisions under Regulation 14 A (1) (i) of the Regulations. (Notarised Copy to be submitted)
e.    Education Qualification including Technical / Professional Qualifications as specified under Regulation 3(2) & 3 A of the Regulations.
f.     All other certificates specified in the application form
3.    For the purpose of clarity, the relevant provisions of the Regulations are given below:
Regulation  2: Definitions
(fb) Member- means the member of the Institute and includes student members, Licentiate member, Associate Member and Fellow Member.
(fc) Surveyor and Loss Assessor -means a person who is a member of the Institute and licensed by the Authority to act as Surveyor and Loss Assessor.
Regulation 3 B
Allotment of department/ area of work at the time of grant of license to act as Surveyor and Loss assessor shall be as specified by IRDA from time to time.
S. No. 6. Categorisation of Surveyors (Reg. 14)
Institute to allot Membership
A surveyor and Loss Assessor shall be categorised on the basis of the level of membership allotted by the Institute as stated under Reg. 14. Accordingly licensed Surveyor and Loss assessor shall be allotted membership by the Institute. The three levels of membership in the institute viz Licentiate, Associate and fellow as defined in the Articles of institute.
Regulation 14 a. Categorisation of Surveyors
Surveyor to carry out work as per the Membership of the Institute
Every surveyor and loss assessor whether a company or firm or an individual, shall be eligible to carry on the work as a surveyor and Loss assessor as per the level of membership allotted by the institute and specified in the licence.
Regulation 14 A. (1)
Under Categorisation of Surveyors
Functions of the Institute:
The institute shall grant appropriate membership to person eligible, within 15 days from the date of receipt of application for membership, for grant of a valid licence to be issued by the Authority to act as a surveyor and loss assessor based on the criteria outlined, including any other criteria as may be specified by the Authority from time to time.
Regulation 14 A  (1)(ii):
Training / Examination Seminar and Workshop.
The institute shall conduct training, examination seminars and workshops to all the members; and every member in order to upgrade his/her level of membership shall undergo such training examination seminars and workshops as specified under 14 A (1)(ii) of the Regulation
4.   The application form with the necessary enclosures shall be forwarded to IRDA as HARD COPY at the following address and shall also apply online simultaneously on the surveyor’s portal for processing by IRDA:
Surveyors Department
Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority
Parishram Bhavan
Hyderabad 500 004
Email : surveror-upgrade [at] irda [dot] gov [dot] in
5.   All communications on this subject by the applicant and IIISLA should be sent to surveror-upgrade [at] irda [dot] gov [dot] in. Correspondence received on this subject at other mail ids will not be entertained
6. Based on the information given, the Authority has discretion to allow/not allow up-gradation of category and removal of restriction of department in compliance with IRDA Regulations and applicable guidelines.
7. The decision of the Authority to consider the application ‘Categorisation of Surveyors’ and grant modified licence or otherwise will be final and shall be communicated to the applicant under copy to IIISLA.
Suresh Mathur
Sr Joint Director
All Copy Rights Reserved. 2013 IRDAI