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To All Trainee Surveyors and New Users(applicants for enrolment)
Ref:IRDA/SUR/MISC/CIR/088/05/2013 Date:27-05-2013
Integrated Surveyors Licensing Management System.
This is further to our circular no. IRDA/SUR/MISC/CIR/ /063/04/2013 on Integrated Surveyors Licensing Management System. The Web-Based Integrated Licensing Management System would now be available to new users and existing trainee surveyors.
1.      Submission of application for enrolment by new users:
In order to apply for enrolment an applicant is required to register to the portal and user name and password would be generated by the system and sent to the user through email. Subsequently application can be submitted online by accessing the website: http://www.irdabap.org.in.
Prior to submission of application for enrolment, the applicant is required to select his trainer online and follow up with trainer to accept his/her request for imparting training. Once the trainer gives his acceptance to impart training, on the online portal, the applicant can submit Form no 13( Enrolment form) duly enclosing/uploading the copy of Form no 14 (Acceptance of trainer to impart training). Trainee applicant is required to print Form no 14 from the portal under Trainer Selection Section (“view submitted request”), and subsequently upload for getting enrolled as Trainee with IRDA, through online system.
The next step will be processing of the application by IRDA and issuance of enrolment number, effective date of commencement of training along with department and duration of training. The enrolment message will be sent over the registered email ID of the trainee.
The said system requires upload of documents (scanned copies) at the time of submitting enrolment application. Users are advised to keep documentation ready in soft form before registering and submitting application to ensure hassle free submission of training request and subsequent processing of enrolment application.
Submission of quarterly reports will be done by trainer by accessing the portal through his user name and password for each trainee undergoing training under him.
2.      Submission of Quarterly reports in Form no 15, by those already enrolled as trainee
(Upto Enrolment #9165):
Note that existing trainees (upto Enrolment #9165) who are already undergoing training and have been issued enrolment number, are required to submit scanned copy of quarterly report(s) via email to nimisha [at] irda [dot] gov [dot] in after completion of each quarter. Trainees are advised to retain hard copies of reports to be submitted when applying for grant of license.
3.      Submission of application for grant of license for those enrolled under manual system of enrolment
Those who have been enrolled as trainee and have completed their practical training and examination as provided under the IRDA Surveyor Regulations, can submit their application for grant of license through the said online portal by uploading the soft copy of all the required documents viz. proof of passing of exam, proof of qualification, photo ID proof, scanned signatures, etc. by logging into www.irdabap.org.in ( compatibility Internet Explorer 8 and above) with the help of user name and pass word that would be provided by IRDA on request. These trainees have to send their request for user name and password to the following email id: traineesur [at] irda [dot] gov [dot] in only, with the subject marked as “Application for grant of Fresh Surveyor License”. Upon confirmation and verification of the test mail sent by IRDA, the user name and password would be provided to enable them to submit their application for grant of fresh license. Note that fee for fresh license is required to be paid through NEFT. However, Demand drafts would be accepted till online payment system is put in place. The same shall be informed vide a circular on IRDA website.
4.      It may be noted that those existing surveyors who intend to enrol for additional department are advised to access the portal with their user name and password which would be provided by IRDA and follow the procedure for enrolment under point no. 1 above.
5.      Needless to mention, the user name and password shall be kept confidential and not be shared with others and the password provided should be changed by the surveyor at the first login.
6.      The user manual and video demo of the enrolment and licensing process would be placed in both the IRDA website www.irda.gov.in and www.irdabap.org.in for information of all concerned.
(Suresh Mathur)
Sr. Joint Director
All Copy Rights Reserved. 2013 IRDAI