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  August 2016
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24-08-2016 August - 2016 To all List of Web Aggregators
24-08-2016 IRDAI/F&I/CIR/INV/172/08/2016 To the CEOs of Insurers IRDAI (Investment) Regulation,2016 - Reg. [472.03KB] [4013.21KB]
24-08-2016 F. No. IRDAI/Reg/22/134/2016. NOTIFICATION IRDAI (Investment) Regulations, 2016 [1018.75KB] [279.63KB]
24-08-2016 Ver 02 AUGUST, 2016 Guidelines PREPRATATION OF INVESTMENT RETURNS [954.75KB]
19-08-2016 TAC 2016-2017 Life Products Terms and Conditions of Life Products for F.Y. 2016-17
19-08-2016 IRDAI/IT/16-17/02 Tender Tendering on supply of HP toner cartridges – Inclusion of additional types [403.9KB]
18-08-2016 213/IRDAI/HLT/Gen/Reg/2015-16 Exposure Draft IRDAI (Outsourcing of Activities by Indian Insurers) Regulations, 2016 [125.5KB]
13-08-2016 IRDAI/IT/16-17/02 Tender Sealed tenders are invited for Supply of HP Toner Cartridges [421.92KB]
11-08-2016 IRDA/ENF/ORD/ONS/157/ 08 /2016 Final Order In the matter of M/s BHARTI AXA General Insurance Co Ltd. [1692.12KB]
11-08-2016 IRDA/F&A/DP/IPO/2016-17/ Exposure Draft Discussion Paper on “Listing of Indian Insurance Companies” [5161.22KB] [67KB]
09-08-2016 31st July, 2016 Business Figures -Life First Year Premium of Life Insurers for the Period ended ended 31st July, [89KB]
09-08-2016 IRDA/INT/CIR/POS/158/08/2016 To all CEOs of General Insurers, Health Insurers and Insurance Intermediaries. Clarification - Addition of Products for sale through POS [447.19KB]
09-08-2016 IRDA/INT/CIR/CSC/159/08/2016 To all CEOs of General Insurers, Health Insurers & CEO of CSC-SPV Clarification - Addition of Products for sale through CSC-SPV [481.09KB]
05-08-2016 IRDA/F&A/GDL/LSTD/154/08/2016 To all Private sectors Insurers Guidelines on Remuneration of Non-executive Directors and Managing Director [8882.89KB]
05-08-2016 IRDA/F&A/GDL/LSTD/154/08/2016 To all Insurers IRDAI (Listed Indian Insurance Companies) Guidelines, 2016 [18782.49KB] [102.5KB]
04-08-2016 IRDAI/SUR/EXAM/AUG/2016 Notice Surveyor Examinations - November, 2016 [33.58KB] [268KB]
04-08-2016 F. No. IRDAI/Reg/20/132/2016 NOTIFICATION IRDAI (Registration of Indian Insurance Companies) (Eighth Amendment) Reg [57.63KB]
03-08-2016 31st July, 2016 INSURANCE BROKERS Status of Insurance Brokers (As on 31st July, 2016)
03-08-2016 -- Tender Notice Empanelment of Advertising Agency
03-08-2016 IRDA/F&A/ORD/DATA/148/07/2016 Order Levy of Penalty under Section 102 of the Insurance Act. 1938 [1799.42KB]
02-08-2016 To all Directory of employees
02-08-2016 2014-15 Non Life Products Non Life Products of 2014-15
02-08-2016 2015-16 Non Life Products Non Life Products of 2015-16
01-08-2016 IRDA/ENF/ORD/ONS/145 /07/2016 Final Order in the matter of M/s. Shriram General Insurance Company Limited [5823.55KB]
01-08-2016 IRDA/CAGTS/CIR/MSL/152/08/2016 To All Banks/NBFCs registered as Corporate Agents Under IRDAI (Regn. of CA) Regulations, 2015 and All Life Insurers Complaints of Misselling /Unfair Business Practices by Banks/NBFCs [582.07KB]
01-08-2016 -- To all concerned Rosters of IRDAI as on 01.03.2013 [2627.37KB]
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