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Advertisement Inviting Tenders for Hiring of Cars on Daily/Monthly basis
Ref:  Date: 11-07-2007

Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDA)
3 rd Floor, Parishram Bhavan, Basheerbagh, Hyderabd-500004


Invites Tenders for Hiring of Cars on Daily/Monthly basis. For further details and quote form ( please down the .pdf attachment) visit our web site www.irdaindia.org Interested parties may send their responses to reach the ED/Admn. at the above address before 3P.M of 21 st July 2007.

Executive Director (Admn)
Admn. Dept. : Tel. 65540379














Hiring of Cars on daily/monthly basis

 Requirement: 2-4 Diesel driven Indica/Indigo on Monthly Hire, Diesel/Petrol driven Indica, Indigo, Esteem, Qualis, Innova etc. on demand on daily or dropping/pick-up basis.

  1. Period: The contract will be initially for 2 years from 1.9.2007 with provision for extension for further periods on the same terms and conditions or on terms negotiated and mutually agreed to.
  2. Eligibility: as at the date of submission of quote
    • The Agency/Firm should have been in the same line of business for the last ten years.
    • Financially sound as supported by documents
    • Should own a fleet of at least 10 passenger cars of the make of 2005 or latter
 A. Essential Conditions and Terms:
  • The type of cars to be supplied is diesel driven, Air-Conditioned Indica/Indigo for monthly hire.
  • The type of car for daily hire may be AC/Non AC Indica, Indigo, Ascent, Icon, and Innova/Tavera etc..
  • The Service Provider should also undertake to supply/arrange Air-conditioned Buses/Mini-buses as and when required basis.
  • The vehicle provided should not be more than one year old and should not have run for more than 25000 KM
  • The Driver to be provided should have valid licence for the last five years and the licence held should have validity at least for another 5 years.
  • The Driver to be provided should not be below 23 years of age and should not be older than 55 years of age.
  • The Service Provider should have at least 10 car fleet of his own and have all the licences to supply the cars in place with validity.
  • The Cars to be provided should have valid licence obtained from the RTA/Hyderabad or Ranga Reddy District, with all the taxes paid upto date.
  • The vehicles shall adequately be insured comprehensively for all risks.
  • All the information furnished as to the eligibility conditions in particular shall be supported by documents to be enclosed to the quote.
 B. Service requirement details
  • The Car to be supplied on monthly hire shall normally be available to the User between 7.30 AM to 7.30 PM every day through out the month excepting two Sundays in a month. However, the Car should be made available even for the time before 7.30 AM and after 7.30 PM as and when required by the User. The charges for this extra time on hourly basis will be paid extra.
  • The area of operation is normally with in the limits of Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation. However the Service Provider shall facilitate operating beyond the limits of GHMC when required by the User on need base.
  • The Monthly rent to be quoted shall be for a run of 2400 KM per month. The Service Provider will be compensated for the KM run over and above this limit in a month at the per/KM rate to be quoted by him. Similarly, if the distances run in a month fall below 40% of the guaranteed run the compensation will be paid @ 75% of the Monthly rate.
  • The distance traveled is measured from the Garage to Garage basis subject to limiting the distance from the Garage to the designated pick up /dropping point (which is normally the residence of the User) to 10KM each way. In case the pick-up/dropping point is other than the designated one the actual distance from/to that point to/from the Garage is reckoned.
  • The requirement for daily use will normally be for Airport dropping/Pick-up for which the service provider shall quote a piece rate. For other use on daily basis the rate to be quoted shall be for an 8 Hours 80 KM run in a day. The rates for extra run per/KM and fixed charges per hour of extra time used shall be quoted specifically.
  • The contractor cannot sub-contract the assignment. The Contract will be entered into only with the firm which has submitted the quotation and not with any other party including its subsidiaries/sister concerns.
  • The rates for detaining the vehicle beyond 7.30 PM and indenting and positioning before 7.30 AM shall be quoted separately. Similarly the rates for KMs run beyond 2400 KM in a month may also be quoted separately.
  • For supply of vehicles on daily basis the rates may be quoted for each type of car separately. The Maximum run of KM and Time, and the rates for additional KM and time, for daily hire may also be indicated.
C. EMD/Security Deposit:
  • The Quotes should be submitted along with a Banker’s Cheque/DD/favouring IRDA for Rs.50000. Quotes received with out the EMD will be liable to be rejected.
  • The EMD of the successful bidder will be converted into Security Deposit for the satisfactory performance of the contract. The EMDs of the unsuccessful bidders will be returned after the bid opening date.
D. Penalties
  • Ensuring the User satisfaction is the crux of the Performance of the contract. In case of any poor service, deficiency in service, negligence on the part of the Driver, indecent behavior of Driver/Service Provider etc. reported by the User a penalty of Rs.1000 on each occasion of the complaint from User will be levied and recovered from the monthly bills/Security deposit.
  • The Service Provider by taking into consideration the complaints of User shall take remedial actions promptly. In case of failure to take remedial actions in time and the User continues to complain, the Security Deposit will be forfeited and action to terminate the contract will be initiated.
E. Billing and Payment
  • The Service Provider shall give adequate instructions to the Driver of the Car on monthly hire to maintain a printed Log Sheet Book where in the details of distance traveled every day are recorded concurrently and maintained chronologically. Every entry in the Log Book shall be signed with date by the User.
  • In respect of Daily use cars the Service Provider should issue a Trip Sheet to the Driver who will record the details of distances traveled. The Driver should ensure obtaining signature of the User (s).
  • The Service Provider may raise the bill by 5 th of every month for the service provided in the preceding month. A copy of the Log Sheet Book i.r.o Monthly hire cars; a copy of the Trip Sheet i.r.o daily hire cars shall be submitted as enclosure to the bills. The Bill shall provide the details of fixed monthly charges, charges for extra time and /or extra KM run etc. The details of service tax shall be shown distinctly in the bill.
  • Parking charges during the billing period are to be claimed separately which will be re-imbursed on submission of the proof of payments.
  • The amount of payment due will be worked out based on the bills and supporting documents submitted there with subject to the application of the terms and conditions of the contract.
  • The payment will be through Account Payee Cheques issued in the name of the firm mentioned in the Contract.
  • The rates agreed to in the contract are indexed to the price of HSD at Rs.34.10 per Litre and any variation in the diesel prices during the contract period will be reflected in the price proportionately.
F. Communication
  • The Service Provider shall furnish his permanent postal address, Telephone and Mobile numbers along with names of contact persons etc. E-Mail address etc. for effective communication.
  • The contact persons are notified adequately in advance of the requirements. However, arrangements may have to be made to position the vehicle with in an hour of notification of requirement. As these persons are going to be the nodal points the Service Provider should nominate a responsible, educated and courteous person as the contact persons.
  • The names of the Users and the contact persons in IRDA will be indicated in the contract to be executed.
  • The Service Provider may also indicate the details of Bank Account details, PAN, TIN and other mandatory licences.
  • Termination
 The contract can be terminated at any time by giving one month notice either side without any reasons.

In case of poor performance evidenced by the notices given to the contractor IRDA is at liberty to cancel the contract with a short notice of 7 days.

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